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All Guilds Meeting - August 2014

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With Mysterium behind us, it was time to finally have this month's All Guilds Meeting!  This one was packed with all kinds of info about what went on at last week's fan-led convention, as well as updates in the cavern as well.  Of course, no AGM summary would be complete without the obligatory raw and cleansed chatlogs.

Here's a condensed version of what happened...known far and wide as a "summary": laugh

Calum Traveler - Mysterium Attendee

Cal was up first to talk about this year's Mysterium, which he himself attended and enjoyed.  He included many personal anecdotes of his time there as well as brief summaries of what he saw at the presentations.  For his full tale, you can read the previously linked chatlogs or see pictures at his DeviantArt gallery.  For another recap of Mysterium's various presentations, you can read Lunanne's recently published article at The Cavern Post.


Annabelle had finally come back from her long break with some news for the crowd.  She updated everyone on her "Journeys Inside URU" series of videos.  Having switched in-game video recorders, she's hoping to get the next videos edited sometime soon.  For now, you can view her previous work over at her Youtube channel.


Whil did a quick update about his various projects.  Tosholek (aka Sholek's Temple) is almost ready to go for online shards as soon as a few technical bugs are fixed.  Fens is waiting on some new artwork before it too will be converted.  He's also working on an older Age idea called Damar, which will act as a hub for chosen fan Ages.  For any further news on these or his other work, you can visit his site.

Radio Free D'ni

AlanD and Edisonrex introduced themselves as part of a new music organization in the cavern: Radio Free D'ni.  They plan to have broadcasts, with accompanying in-game gatherings, on Sundays at 13:00 KI time every 3-4 weeks or so.  They will notify when concerts will be scheduled well in advance so explorers can plan ahead on attending.  Stay tuned to the events section of the Myst Online: URU Live Again forums for further developments!

Guild of Messengers

Doobes and Korov'ev were next for the GoMe.  They mentioned Luna's new article on The Cavern Post (linked above in the Calum Traveler section), as well as a news post (also by Luna) that mentions the return of Chiso, a collection of URU concept art, including the ones recently released by Cyan.  Doobes also said that updates had been made to the new Guild Pub and had been sent in to the Guild of Writers for future inclusion in a Gehn Shard update, then hopefully over to The Open Cave.

Myst Online: URU Live Again - Fan Content

Last but certainly not least was Chloe Rhodes, joined by Tweek, Whilyam, Emor D'ni Lap, and Hoikas.  They confirmed the big announcement from Cyan at Mysterium that they, Cyanists, and others are working behind the scenes to get fan Ages and other content onto MOULa by either the end of this year or early next year.  They're also working on porting select Myst V content, such as Laki'ahn, Direbo, and the extended version of Descent (aka The Great Shaft) into the game as well!  Not only that, but other unreleased URU content is being worked on and completed for future releases!

Tweek talked about his own projects, including one that would shed much more light on the Bahro as a species.  You can read his in-character blog for more info as well as future updates.

Whilyam is working on Dahtamnay, a snowy Age somewhat similar to Tahgira, but with a twist: if all goes well, there will be sleds that explorers can ride across the landscape!  It's still very early in development, but stay tuned!

Hoikas is busy working on getting the game engine to work properly with all the new additions and converting all the various Ages for use in an online setting.

Emor is completing unfinished Cyan Ages such as Kahlo.  He's also developing a Tomahn for the expanded Descent route, acting as a sort of Relto, which could open up a new path to D'ni separate from Yeesha's.  He's also building a new Nexus for volunteer-created Ages. A short video of that can be viewed here.

There is more than can be covered here, so be sure to read the chatlog!


July's CAVCON finished out at a weak 2.6.  We at the Guild of Messengers encourage everyone, in light of Cyan's renewed commitment to new content both Cyan and fan-made, to donate to the cause!  Let's keep the doors open so new content can eventually filter in!

And that's all.  See you in September!

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